Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello Reggio! (Also Back to School Picture Book Linky Party)

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I'm so excited to be moving to a Reggio inspired school in August!  For those of you unfamiliar with Reggio Emilia approach, it's based on approaching young children in a developmentally appropriate way through natural materials.  My principal gave me a hand out of Reggio-Emilia values.  In the hand-out, I learned that Reggio values the child as a protagonist, a collaborator and a communicator.  Reggio requires that the teacher is a partner, guide, nurturer, researcher and that the environment is a third teacher.  Most importantly, Reggio requires that parents are partners. 
I found a great source that goes into more detail at:Reggio Kids. 

My co-teachers are more versed in the Reggio approach, so I look forward to collaborating and learning more as time goes on.  However, my first year I was told that I need to have an Identity Panel and a planned Birthday Tradition.  I learned that an Identity Panel contains a child's picture along with their self portrait.  I love this idea and can't wait to implement this! (Reggio Identity Panel)

A birthday tradition is something a child creates in the classroom to celebrate the day of their birth.  I toured many classrooms and each room varied in their tradition.  Some classes had letters that students decorated with a friend, some classes created globes and so many more.  I will update with pictures soon!  I think my class will have a caterpillar portion to decorate.  I can just picture this little caterpillar inching along our classroom and with each month another little friend will add to it.  I did notice that teachers didn't add to the birthday tradition (or I didn't see it), but I will have my own caterpillar link too!
I've been reading all the teacher bloggers ideas on DeAnne's Picture Book Linky at First Grade and Fabulous and I thought I'd join in on the fun! 

This year I'm planning to jump right into letter recognition with one of my favorite letter books Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
I also have a ton of ideas pinned on Pinterest to go along with this favorite!
Another great one that I use EVERY year, no matter what grade I teach is The Crayon Box That Talked.This is just such a beautiful book about acceptance and appreciation for every gift each student or "crayon" brings to the classroom.

I found a great writing paper exercise that would work with each student on The Bubbly Blonde Teacher's blog.  She has this as a freebie on her TPT site. 

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Well, I'm told my brand new spanking classroom will be open in early August, so I cannot wait to start implementing all the Reggio ideas and reading those back to school books.  I know from the linky party that I will be adding some to my collection this year!


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