Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Well, here it is Sunday and this is my second post this month!  Yay! 
Although my new district has teachers assess in a different way.  My district does assessments by watching children in their natural play.  However, I made an assessment for Pre-K to Kinder teachers for my teacher buddies that need to do hands on/one-on-one assessments.  I think it's pretty cool and my first bloggy friends that leave a comment get it for FREE!  What, what?  Yes, I did say FA-REE!  Here's a preview of some of the pages I created.  I have a page for all letters upper and lowercase.  I also have a student page for all the letters, colors, shapes and numerals to 25.  I also included a recording sheet for the teacher, so you can share progress at parent conferences. :)  All for the low price of $2.  If you aren't one of the lucky 5.  Here's the link to my TPT page.
 Well, yes I know it's Sunday, but heck I'm going to do five for Friday just because. 

Numero Uno:  I'm stoked for this blog I found from the Houston Independent School District.  They have a homework calendar for every month, which basically encourages parents interact with their child each day.  I like that most of the activities are play based.
 {Source: Houston ISD}
#2:  Like many of you, I'm scurrying around trying to find sweet, meaningful gifts for those I love.  I'm also failing miserably.  The problem is I have this nasty little thing called a budget.  I have grand ideas of what I'd like to get all my loved ones, but the reality is I don't get any more money in November and December than in any other month.  {Le sigh}  So I found this cute little book about making gifts in a jar.  Then {genius} I looked up the topic on Pinterest and found a ton of ideas!  I don't know if I will actually do this or if this is just a half-witted idea.  Have you ever done gifts in a jar or received one?  What did you think, honestly?
{Source:  Twin Tough Link}
#3 I'm currently in L-O-V-E with all manner of scarves.  I know it's the 80's child inside me screaming to be let out, but I just love scarves.  I have a particular love for infinity scarves, but know that my neck truly is too short to wear one right.  I'm strangely intrigued with making my own, but not worried that I can't sew.  (My daughter can!)
Here's a DIY link to make your own, in case you can actually sew.
#4 In case you haven't heard of it.  Songza.  It's awesome.  It's a lot like Pandora, but it asks you what mood you are in and finds songs to fit your moods.  Loving it!
#5  This week, I will do five loads of laundry.  The laundry room is getting out of control. :(  Where do all those clothes come from?
Have a happy short week!
See you soon racoon!
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  1. I also teach pre-k. Honestly assessment is probably the hardest thing for me. I would love your assessment.

    1. Hey, Kathy! I'm so excited to share my assessment pack with you! I'll send it to you by e-mail. If you have any questions, please e-mail or facebook me. I have a ton of successful assessment experience. :)