Friday, February 21, 2014

Currently for February

Hello, caterpillar friends!  Glad you clicked here, if you even clicked, because I think I will literally be the LAST person to do a February Currently link up.  {Please read the following sentence with a stereotypical Texas twang} I just need to grab the saddle and mount back up on this here blog!  Ehem, Currently will be the perfect vehicle for my purpose, plus it's just a hoot! 
I feel like the LAST person in the whole USA to have an i product.  It was time to upgrade recently and I was able to get an iPhone for free.  So far, so good and I love iTunes radio!
Ok, I feel like I'm surrounded by great women everywhere in my family, my job and my life!  At church, we have UMW circles where like-minded women get together and work for a purpose.  My circle is called Missionettes, because we all love to do mini-missions, but we are all working women with one exception.  I love that our group is diverse in ages and backgrounds.  We only meet once a month, but it's always great to get together.  This month, our mini-mission is to gather Crayola crayons for our adopted school.  Then at our meeting, we're going to make motivational posters for 3rd graders at that school. :)
At work, at our school and in our district,I get to rub shoulders with the BEST of the BEST!  Every teacher gives their all and just a dab more, it constantly pushes me to be a better teacher!  It's great to be surrounded by super stars!!  Here's a clip from one of the schools in our district, this school librarian was featured on ELLEN!  Warning, this video made me tear up, but in a happy way!{Click Here}
Hey, I'm lesson planning right it's understandable that I'm thinking about my friends.  I love challenging them!
I'm going to search Craigslist and Garage Sales high and low for a daybed headboard for my office and something for my bedroom.  It's so college-esque in our bedroom...I'm going to decorate on the cheap, upcycled stuff for sure or basically free.  Wish me luck!
I'm going to make my students' learning visible and post some mini-stories on our classroom walls.  It's a Reggio thing, but in my old world they were bulletin boards.  However our school just umps it up a few hundred degrees.  I'll show you what I mean in my post tomorrow!
2 Truths and a Fib
1.  This is a completely true statement.   My husband was a member of Ver-Sa-Tyl, a Boyz II Men (before B2M) like group in the early 90's.  Their video was played on BET and he toured with LL Cool J and other hip/hop R&B peeps.  It was a long time ago and still I can't take him anywhere without people recognizing him!  LOL, just another day with my Moose!  Here's a clip if you to check it out, he's the guy talking to the girl on the stage at the beginning of the video.
2.  This is also a true statement and Aunt Phyllis is another one of the great women in my life.  She inspired me to work hard and do what I have a passion for, she worked for years in hotel management and the hospitality industry.  
Her ranch is on my mind because we are going to visit her this Spring Break! :) 
If you are ever in Amarillo, you HAVE to check out her ranch!
3. Although I admire architecture a great deal, I've always wanted to be a teacher.  I feel our profession is a calling.  We may not get equitable pay for the work we do, but our reward is surely in heaven with all the little people we influence everyday.  {Sigh}
Well, hey, this has been fun!  I'll be posting tomorrow for 5 for Friday, so ya'll come back now ya hear?--Sorry, spring break and the ranch are calling my name!

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