Sunday, December 8, 2013

Peek at My Week~Visual Plans

Hello, bloggy friends and visitors!  I have watched this visual lesson plan linky series for months.  I've always thought...I wish my lesson plans looked like Deedee's from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten Blog!  This week, I made it happen people!   
Click to see:  My Visual Plans
This week, I'm entering a giveaway from Mrs. Thompson from Adventures in Teaching blog.  Please click on the previous link (because I haven't learned how to do the pic/link cool bloggy trick).  Just by blogging about this giveaway, I increased my entries by 2.  I have several things on my wish list on TPT and have my eye on the $25 TPT gift certificate.  {Wish me luck!}
 Lesson Plan Activity Credits:  
Hey, guess what another snow day was just announced for my school!  Who knows, maybe I'll do the following week's lesson plans tomorrow?
Mrs. Cowan

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