Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day! Yay!


Today is a snow day, yay!  Here in Oklahoma, a good guarantee of a snow day is ice, ice baby!  (Which by the way is one of my favorite karoake songs to rap--because I can't sing in key too long.)
I have enjoyed a delightful day of making cookies, pot roast and chili.  I even persuaded my daughter and husband to organize Moosey's sock drawers (yes, he has that many socks).  Yay!  It's one of those little things that makes my heart happy, organizing the choas--especially if I don't have to do it!
Well, it's Friday again and that means it's time for Doodle Bugs' fun linky party.  Join in on the fun and click the link!

I did it!  I made my first linky party.  Now, I have maybe 10 followers, but I'm being optimistic that at least 10 of my 
friends will join me to tell the world about those top five special ornaments on their tree.  This linky party is open for 20 days, so I hope you'll join me to tell me "Where did you get that?" retrospect, I should have come up with a cooler name.  Oh well.  {Le Sigh}  Link up here and join me!

Have you ever found something
 in your house, that you had no
 idea what it was?  Well, my little something was this little lighthouse thing on the casing of my front door.  (Btw, it's not dirty, even though it looks like that in the picture, it is simply aged.)  {Link here} Well apparently, it's Jewish blessing that is required on the front door casing of every Jewish home or blessing.  It's so cool to find out that the former residents of this house left a little Godly blessing for the next tenants. :)  Now, I'll be looking for these little guys everywhere! 

Source: Link
 With the snow day here, I've had plenty of time to scroll through Pinterest and think about all the crafts I want to do over Winter Break.  One of which is a wreath from my Alma Mater, OSU.  Isn't it adorable?  It's available on Etsy, but I'm sure my Mother-In-Law could make me an OSU inspired wreath.  She really is a wreath-tastic crafter!  Of course, we will be watching the big Bedlam game here at my house, I really hope OSU sticks it to OU this year.  It will give me bragging rights all year, considering he roots for the other team.  Ugh!

This week in class, we worked on our top secret Christmas gift for the students' parents.  Every holiday, I try to have the students make what I called parent pleasers.  Yes, I know they aren't really developmentally appropriate, but as a parent, these are the gifts we treasure for years and years.
Also, my kiddos had a Kenna session.  We sketched and measured Kenna.  My little caterpillars were so engaged and learning.  The best part of it all is it was their idea to investigate pets, caretaking and specifically Kenna, our school dog.
 My favorite blog read this week is Tulsa Kids magazine about Oklahoma values.  It's nice when someone not in the education field speaks out!  Check it out here.  I'm sure no matter what state you're from, education is being attacked specifically the teaching profession at large.  Currently in Oklahoma, the teachers pension is being trimmed and attacked.  Come on people, really?

Sorry to end on a "negative" note here, but I think teachers need to be more vocal about the politics that affects our profession.  Whether your "political" or not, politics will impact your classroom and your wallet.  So speak out already, people!

Later Gators,

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