Monday, August 26, 2013

Classroom Tour!


Hello, all! I'm happy to report that my classroom is officially set up and my home computer is fixed! {insert standing ovation to my computer expert, Kevin} I really thought my computer and all my pics were gone forever! But thankfully, my computer just had some corrupt memory cards. :)

This week, I'm joining Swimming into Second's linky party,show off your space and Flying High in First Grade's Classroom Tour Linky.  If you have a blog, check out these fabulous bloggers, their respective linky parties and join us!
Loads of stuff!
My almost classroom
Now, for my new readers out there. I taught 3rd grade last year, but I asked my principal if I could move to Pre-k the following school year. So at the end of the school year, I moved all of my personal belongings into the Pre-K trailer. Then I was offered an amazing opportunity with a new district.  This is what I arrived to when I saw my classroom full of ALL of the Pre-K materials.  We have four Pre-K classrooms in a brand new wing of the existing building. 

So after sorting through all the materials, I began arranging my room.My daughter and husband helped me several days.  Inspired by my roomie teacher to use an old chest of drawers, my daughter painted the door pulls black which instantly gave this little beaut a make-over.  Then I turned it into our parent sign in area.  Every morning, our students' parents need to walk them into their classroom and sign them in.  This lets me talk to almost every parent at the beginning and end of class. 

Old Block Center
I made changes the third day of school (we are on our second week now) because the students needed more room in the block center.  Well, you know how it is with room arrangement. You move one center and then you need to move everything else to make it work.  Yeah, it was like that!  So here is our old block area which sounds weird considering that we've only been in school for 2 weeks now. Part of the issue was that hot mess of blocks after clean up.  My students helped brain storm what would make our block area easier to clean.
1. We needed a bigger block area.

New Block Center
2. We needed to move the train and doll house (which you can't see from this angle) to a separate area.
3. We needed to label where everything goes!
So...drumroll please.  Here is a pic of my students enjoying the rearranged block center.  As you can see, they are enjoying a variety of non-traditional materials, right along side those trustie unifix cubes (I swear, those unifix cubes breed in my teacher cabinet). 

When I moved the block area by the front door of my classroom, some of art materials were stored on the back of the block cabinet.  Thus, when I moved the block area, I had to move the art materials.  On the back of that block cabinet, I put the light table materials which I will talk about in a few. 

In the original atelier, I had a table by the art materials which I envisioned students sitting and creating collages with the natural materials provided. 

The wooden stools are for students to sit and paint on the stand up easels.  Of course, they could still choose to stand as well.
 So now the students can do collage, paint and create all in the same area.  As you can see, our big easel needs some repair. 

Next area of our class is the light table.  With the old arrangement, the light table was on the right.

This is side view of the white cabinet by the light table.  Now, here's what that area looks like.

 What you see behind my students is the back of the block cabinet, where I store all the light table materials. 
As you can see, this light table is more inviting!  During our first week, we read "Butterfly Alphabet" and my wonderful assistant brought in a butterfly for students to find letters in the wings.  In the picture above, the students are looking for letters in the wings of the butterfly.
Well, friends, I will post more later this week...I am just worn out tonight!  Please leave a comment or any questions below. :) I <3 comments!!
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